Up-and-coming practices involved in architecture, urban and landscape design whose qualifications are recognised by their local accreditation organisations. For a practice to be eligible, all practice founders must be born after 1 January 1977 and be aged 45 and or under.

Individuals who are working independently or across several practices they have (co-)founded are also eligible if they are aged 45 or under – an example of such profile is Gabriela Carrillo, shortlisted in 2020

Project types

Rather than focusing on a single, completed building, the AR Emerging awards recognise excellence in an overall body of work. We encourage a wide range of design projects: new builds, refurbishments, interiors, furniture, infrastructure, pop-ups, as well as product, urban and landscape design, with no restriction of scale, programme, budget or location.

Portfolio submission

Individuals and practices are invited to submit portfolios comprising three projects:

  • One completed, built project: either a temporary or permanent structure, this project should have been completed after January 2020
  • One work in progress: still on the drawing board or currently on site, this project should be due to complete after December 2023.
  • One idea: this is your chance to show your broader interests. The idea could be an unsuccessful competition entry, the design of an exhibition or piece of furniture (released or not), a storyboard, an essay or publication, etc.

Each portfolio should show all three projects, with one board per project. Please note that multiple schemes entered on one board will not be accepted. Neither will CD's, videos, transparencies, physical models or prototypes. As there is a new jury, work entered in previous years or for other AR awards may be resubmitted on new boards.


Each entry should be designed on three A3 sized boards (one for the completed built project, one for the work in progress, one for the idea) to be provided digitally via the entry form, and must include photography, drawings and a brief written description in English – the location of the submission is helpful to the jury. The boards can be in landscape or portrait format, and maximum board size is 297 x 420 mm (approx. 11.7 x 16.5 in).


To ensure anonymity in shortlisting, no names of entrants or collaborating parties may appear on any part of the board. Only after the finalists have been selected will the identity of the winners be revealed.

Need help with your entry?

To discuss the awards, please contact:
William Perkin on +44 (0) 203 953 2941 or email

Super early bird deadline: 10 March 2023 (saving 50%)
Entry deadline 28 July 2023